Our Promise to you at emerald medicare. Provide an unbiased opinion. No-Cost annual benefit review. Education on all coverage options. Year-round support for all inquiries


Our commitment to service and educate our clients is our #1 goal each and every day.  At Emerald Medicare, each person that reaches out to us has their own unique circumstance and story.  What works for one person in a household, may not work for another.  Doctor’s, medications and health may vary. We listen and ask necessary questions to consider each of our client’s complete health and budget picture. We take into consideration individual needs and health care planning and expectations.  We collaboratively discuss the best plan for them for each year and continue to service them as their health needs and budget changes.

Mark will meet with you individually in either one of our Rockland County offices, (Nyack or Stony Point) at your home or by phone.  Mark and his team will carefully review your doctors to discern which insurance carriers and plans accept those doctors and facilities you prefer or use often.  We will also do a comprehensive review of your medications, frequency and dosages to determine which Part D prescription drug plan offers you the best coverage at lowest premium. When you have decided which plan(s) to apply for we help you complete the application, submit and monitor its progress to the respective insurance carriers and ensure that everything is moving along and taken care of in a timely fashion. We are with you every step of the Medicare way and continue will be there to support you for many years to come.

Mark also specializes in plans for the disabled, our beloved Veterans and those on both Medicaid and Medicare.

Our company stands above the rest as we provide our clients with the best personalized customer service possible.  We feel that our services continue to provide value to benefit their lives every day!

Emerald Medicare is based in New York and service the tri-state area extensively. We have 2 service locations located in Rockland County. An office in downtown Nyack and in Liberty Square Mall in Stony Point.  We are easily accessible to neighboring states and counties, especially Westchester, Bergen and Orange County. 

Our company was born from Mark seeing the need from a Financial Planner who he worked with for over a decade that Medicare was a necessity as planning clients grew older and were reaching 65. Mark found that there was a lack of quality and independent services to assist seniors in planning and CPA clients to navigate Medicare and all of its many choices and plans.  This is where Emerald Medicare began, Mark embraced this need and continued in his strong local grass root efforts to make our company a huge success!

Mark is Director of Medicare for Emerald Medicare.  He is a fully licensed life and health insurance professional in multiple states. He is also a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)® - a designation specifically for professionals serving senior adults. With this credential CSA’s are held to the highest ethical standards for the benefit and protection of the health and welfare of seniors.

Mark is licensed and certified with over 8 major insurance companies and is qualified to service our tri-state area as well as many other states all over our country.  He educates himself continuously on the ever-changing world of Medicare and it’s many rules, plans and decisions.  This commitment to always learning about Medicare benefits our clients in so many ways and Mark and his team truly provides the best and most comprehensive and independent knowledgeable service. The testimonials we receive proves that our services are deeply valued and needed in our community and we are extremely proud to provide it to every client we work with, educate and support.