A few words from our valued clients on the services they received from Emerald Medicare


“Mark was highly recommended by our accountant, and we feel so fortunate he steered us to Emerald Medicare.  We would have been lost if it wasn't for him.  When there were roadblocks, he and Michele cleared the way.  We felt so confident following his advice.  We know we can always reach out to them in the future.  Thank you so much, we are ever grateful. “  Larry and Leslie, Chestnut Ridge, NY


“Mark and his staff are the most considerate people I have met in their field. Since then most of my Doctors have asked me for his business card based what the extent to which he assisted me in this process of finding the right carrier for my needs. He went beyond what I expected and am grateful. I would say that when Mark Brownstein is in your corner to help you, you have the best.” Ed, Highland, NY


“Emerald Medicare has been extremely positive to work with along with providing my clients a wealth of knowledge of the Medicare unknowns. Mark and Michele are professional and fantastic to work with which helps greatly.”  Noreen, New York, NY


“Three Cheers for Mark and Michele!! I am an 88 yr. old lady who decided it was time to review my Medicare Advantage and after much thought and advice from my family, I contacted Mark Brownstein.  I had a very serious and important discussion with Mark and feel very comfortable with my new Medicare plans.  He and Michele both answered all my questions and my family and I are very comfortable with my new coverage!!  I would indeed highly recommend Mark and Michele....I now “sleep easy” at night !!!”  Roseann, Franklin Lakes, NJ


“We are very pleased with our new insurance. We feel safe and well covered.  In order to get to this stage, there were a lot of problems to navigate. Mark and Michele managed it with great professionalism and personal care, we wouldn't have managed without you guys.  Thank you so much, and keep up the good work!”  Gilla and Bernt, New York, NY


“A few months ago I decided to retire and my wife and I were immediately faced with the dilemma of putting our future medical plans/coverage together. After working for 50 years, and always having medical coverage, it struck us hard on what we needed to do next.  After receiving numerous ongoing mail about retirement and Medicare coverage over the years, it was now something we actually needed to do.   Planning was extremely confusing and scary as we tried to wade through what was needed as to our next step.  Thank God someone recommended Mark Brownstein and his Emerald Medicare team to us.  We called Mark and in one or two conversations, he made things clear, did the needed research for the plans best suited for us and set all of the necessary wheels in motion.  Within two weeks we were fully covered and can now rest comfortably and be off to our retirement years!!  What a relief!!!!  My wife and I are extremely happy with the support and guidance Mark and his team gave us and would highly recommend Emerald to anyone who is retiring and needs to set up their new medical plans.   He gets 5 Stars from us and we would say, Mark/Emerald, is a necessity when you plan to retire and set up your future medical planning coverage."  David and Linda, Chatham, NJ

“I appreciate all your help with my insurance enrollment. I had been very anxious about this and you made it painless. Wishing you all the best” Noah, Jackson Heights, NY

"I really need to give recognition and thanks to a Mark and Michele of Emerald Medicare.  In the troubling and selfish climate our society is existing in, it's refreshing to know that there are still individuals who are willing to go above and beyond the required.  As a result of COVID-19, I was released from my position and would no longer have health insurance unless I wanted to pay an exuberant premium.  Being of retirement age, I reached out to Emerald Medicare for assistance.  I was reassured that I could get coverage and how to go about getting that accomplished.  Michele and Mark made the process as easy as possible for me and I am so grateful.  All they required for me to do is fill out forms they sent and send them back.  I wasn't put on hold forever and didn't get a grumpy representative who didn't really want to be there.  Not to sound like a commercial, but I'm glad I called.  Michele and Mark are to be commended for their warm and caring attitude.  Because of those two, I would wholeheartedly refer friends and family to Emerald Medicare.  Kudos to you Mark and Michele, keep up the good work.”  Eloise, Salisbury Mills, NY